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The Justin Case Farewell World Tour.

About Me

The Justin Case Farewell World Tour.

Welcome - where do I start!

I was born in a land far away a long time ago. Okay, Birmingham, England in 1962. How sixty years later I found myself on Russell Island in Queensland is a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie.
A lot happened before 2016 but that’s when Justin Case was born. After a mostly successful Cancer fight, my oncologist gave me some advice. He said that given my cancer that if he was me, then he would do his bucket list Just in case. So was born an entity that took on a life of its own. What follows her takes you across the world, through my life and into my mind. 
I spent a lot of my life in television specifically selling advertising. The job specification should read the ability to turn lunch into a night out and then into breakfast where everyone is wearing shades. My career was 30 years of lunch with a bit of selling interruptions to people’s tv viewing pleasure.

My life has been exceptional. I intend to share it all here. I hope you enjoy the Tour. 

Cheers Mark

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